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White fillings

Many people have unsightly black or silver ‘amalgam’ fillings which can significantly detract from their smile. Although still readily available on the NHS, these fillings contain mercury and as such the UK is now one of the few remaining EU countries not to have outlawed their use.

Understandably many people are apprehensive about the possible longterm side effects of amalgam fillings. The good news is that modern tooth coloured ‘composite resin’ materials are available and in many cases can be a suitable alternative to amalgam. Through the careful layering and blending of the almost endless number of available shades and opacities, it is possible to create beautiful restorations which are almost invisible, blending seamlessly with the natural tooth.

Dr Callaghan takes a particular interest in composite resin and has studied extensively on the subject with some of the world’s leading figures in dentistry . His work with the material has led to several articles being published in the dental press, and to him becoming a UK Opinion Leader for leading dental materials manufacturer Ivoclar Vivadent.


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