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Veneers are incredibly thin tooth shaped ‘shells’ which can be bonded to the surface of natural teeth to alter their shape, position or colour or to close small gaps. They can be constructed either from porcelain or from tooth coloured ‘composite’ filling material, and are a very popular choice for smile makeovers, sometimes in combination which other treatments such as tooth whitening or orthodontics.

Following some minor tooth preparation, porcelain veneers are constructed in a dental laboratory. Dr Callaghan works very closely with some of the top cosmetic dental technicians in the UK to assure the finest, most natural looking veneers possible.

Alternatively, the veneers can be constructed directly in the dental surgery using specialist tooth coloured ‘composite’ material, applying numerous shades and opacities of the material directly onto the tooth in layers and carving into the desired shape. This is a difficult and highly skilled technique not offered by many dentists but one which Dr Callaghan is particularly experienced at. His work with composite resin has led to several articles being published in the dental press, and to him becoming a UK Opinion Leader for leading dental materials manufacturer Ivoclar Vivadent.



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