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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with changing the position of poorly aligned teeth to improve either their function and/or their appearance. No longer just for children and teenagers, it is becoming more and more common to see adults undergoing orthodontic treatment too.

Depending on patient preference and the specific tooth movements required, there are a wide variety of appliance types available. Removable appliances, such as clear aligners or the Inman Aligner, are often an excellent choice for simpler cases, whilst more complex cases may be better suited to fixed appliance therapy, such as Six Month Smiles or Clearsmile Braces. Dr Callaghan is experienced in the use of all of these appliance types and will be happy to discuss the most appropriate option.

One of the main philosophies in modern cosmetic dentistry is the use of minimally invasive, tooth-friendly techniques, meaning that many cosmetic treatment plans and smile makeovers involve some form of orthodontics. Many patients choose to combine this treatment with tooth whitening and edge bonding, whilst others may opt to pre-align their teeth prior to the placement of crowns or veneers in order to minimise the enamel reduction required for these restorations.


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