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Dental crowns are a type of restoration often used to correct the shape, colour or function of teeth which are badly broken down or very heavily filled. They can be thought of as a tooth shaped covering which is placed over the remaining portion of the tooth, and are typically constructed by a dental technician in a laboratory following some reduction of the natural tooth and either an impression or scan by the dentist.

Crowns can be constructed from a variety of different materials, including metal with porcelain bonded to the surface, all ceramic materials, or porcelain bonded to zirconium. Whilst traditional metal based crowns are readily available on the NHS, modern all-ceramic and porcelain restorations are not only more durable and considerably more aesthetic, but are known to be far healthier for the surrounding gum tissue.

Dr Callaghan is experienced in using the latest and most cutting edge tooth coloured materials to produce highly life-like crowns which are not only indistinguishable from natural teeth but also incredibly strong and durable.


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